Business Leaders in Glorious Transition

The entire world is in transition: Business must transition, too.

Here, you'll read contributions of my friends, other business professionals who are working to turn from their Mechanical Business Models to ever more profitable Organic Business Models.

You'll read their successes as well as their difficulties in making the transition from the hierarchical, control based practices characteristic of most of our years in business. You'll see how wonderfully profitable companies can be when they learn to tap the powerful creative energy of employees.

CJ Coolidge & Richard Squaredime - 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Found it Hard to Change

I was founder and CEO of a $100MM+ company, Paracoo, Inc.

I always followed a mechanical business model.

After more than 30 years, I retired, giving the helm to my very capable nephew, Steven Almanas. Steven has taken the company to tremendous hights using a management approach entirely different from mine. My approach was mechanical, Steven's is organic. The two models are as different as chalk and cheese.

You could say that I had a hard time with his ideas.

Mine worked well, once, but in today's BizWorld, his work much better.

This forum is filled with ideas from both worlds. Each contributor gives his own perspective, some mechanical, some organic.

The free exchange of ideologies is critical for us mechanical guys to understand the new realities, and vital for the new thinkers to never lose sight of the old truths. They form a splendid tapestry to enable any business thinker to take advantage of all the opportunities available in this hyper-dynamic world.