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CJ Coolidge & Richard Squaredime - 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

You Want Recognition? Stop Doing Non-Core Activities

In the business world, it's almost impossible for good in-house Human Resource Professionals to get any respect.

It isn't surprising, though. The "respect-givers" (The Business Groups) have a lot to learn about the "people" side of business.

But, in defense of The Business Group, the "respect-needers" (The HR Group) have a lot to learn about how their work actually impacts the business.

Watch this gem. Each of these "starry- eyed," HR wanna-bes tells exactly what you HR professionals know to be the case in your company.

This is very funny, and most telling.


The things these kids say are exactly the reason that professional HR careers will be best built through the outsourcing model. As we tend to think today, the only way a vital HR professional will ever experience the appreciation and promotion they deserve will be working with an outsourcing HR company. Only these companies with HR as a core business will ever really value and promote people with these specialties.

It's like somebody really noticed.
CJ Coolidge is managing director for The Institute for Inangibles-Driven Enterprise, and a consultant with Administaff, Inc. He writes for No More Androids: People-Profits X Factor on Blogger.

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